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Why Hello There!

Ellie is a New York based actor and theatre artist.  She earned a degree in theater through studies at the University of Southern California and the British American Drama Academy in London.  After college, she gained experience on "the other side" of the camera as a production coordinator and producer working on both large commercial and small independent projects. 

In her continuing work as an actor, improviser and storyteller Ellie has been a part of multiple independent theatre and film projects, from Los Angeles to New York to Minneapolis and Montreal. 

She is also the Co-Artistic Director of The Neighborhood Theatre Project - A New York based theatre company that travels to different communities to interview and engage in conversation with the people who live there, creating original verbatim theatre from these interviews in order to share these stories and encourage conversations around life and community at this current time.

As an actor and producer Ellie seeks to develop and participate in projects that share human stories truthfully.  She is driven by a passionate belief in the unique power that theatre and film have not only to delight and entertain, but also to create opportunities where an audience can recognize a part of their own humanity reflected back to them - perhaps in an unexpected way.

2010 - present

Hey There - Thanks for Contacting Me!

2010 - present
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